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Setting up your E-Mail account in Outlook 365 or Outlook 2016

This article assumes that you are already using Outlook 365 and would like to add your new e-Mail account to it.:

Open Outlook 365:

Click on FIle in the Left upper corner:

Click File

On the page that appears, click on Accounts settings -> Account Settings.

Click on Add Account

Outlook will welcome you and ask you to Enter your email address:

Please enter your email address in that field. For example

Under "Advanced Options" choose "Let me set up my account manually"

Click Connect.

Next, this screen will appear:

Here you can choose if you want to use
A) IMAP (leaving all E-Mail on the server so that multiple devices can look at the same email)


B) POP (this will download all your email onto your computer and remove it from the server) 

On the next Screen enter your email password:


Outlook will detect all the necessary settings from our system.

You can now send and receive email.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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